Non-Profit Consulting: Weinstein Carnegie supports some of the world’s leading charities by offering comprehensive advisory services, which include:

  • Creating partnerships between charities and brands that are consumer focused 
  • Connecting organizations to media companies and pop culture opportunities 
  • Managing new and innovative digital campaigns 
  • Developing fund development campaigns that bring in significant support and advocacy campaigns that enhance the organization’s position and profile
  • Building meaningful relationships with high profile supporters 
  • Conducing organizational assessments and next phase growth strategy

Talent Consulting:  Weinstein Carnegie provides seamless support to celebrities and athletes’ charitable interests by creating partnerships, fundraising opportunities, and awareness moments, which include:

  • Connecting individuals to corporations and charitable organizations in ways that heighten recognition, raise funds, and ensure maximum philanthropic impact for all parties
  • Ideating and implementing fund development campaigns for celebrity and athlete charities, which include fundraising events, speaking engagements, cause products, and digital campaigns
  • Advising individuals on the formation of new charitable organizations and conducing due diligence on preexisting non profits and programs to ensure that all contributions are effective
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CSR Identity & Management: Weinstein Carnegie advises companies on corporate giving in a way that is impactful to a cause and, at the same time, advances the company’s internal marketing, public relations, and sales goals, which include:

  • Developing corporate foundations or giving arms; advising on everything from structure, to issue focus, to marketing, to giving strategy, and beyond
  • Reviewing opportunities for sponsorship and advising on ROI growth 
  • Creating and managing innovative cause marketing campaigns, including cause products, point of sale donations, and digital efforts 
  • Connecting internal philanthropic campaigns to sports and entertainment figures and non-profit benefactors; heightening brand recognition and attracting new audiences  
  • Organizing charitable events that garner attention and positive publicity

Endurance & Fitness Fundraising: WCPG works with endurance properties and charities to set up or enhance an effective charity partnership program that can:

  • Put together a fundraising and celebrity engagement plan
  • Secure brand sponsors to augment fundraising goals
  • Manage the respective campaigns to ensure fundraising success
  • Bring in new revenue to the endurance property
  • Create new sponsor activation platforms
  • Offer an authentic celebrity engagement strategy